What does it do?

The Local association operates in much the same fashion as does the national office, and its duties are as varied:

  • It distributes supplies to the league.
  • It processes league sanction applications.
  • It maintains membership lists.
  • It keeps account of all financial transactions.
  • It measures and inspects lanes for USBC certification.
  • It certifies delegates to the annual USBC Convention.
  • It conducts an annual championships tournament.
  • it maintains averages of all association members.
  • It may rerate averages of association members.
  • It holds an annual meeting of its council of delegates.
  • It holds at least quarterly meetings of its board of directors.
  • It conducts suspension and reinstatement hearings.
  • It considers appeals on protests and complaints.
  • It processes high score claims.
  • It establishes its own awards program.
  • It assists in the filing of any bond claim.
  • It is the information center for league officers and managers of sanctioned tournaments.
  • It provides assistance to owners and managers of bowling centers within its jurisdiction.
  • It interfaces with the local WBA's, Youth, proprietors and other members of the local bowling "family."
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