Past Association Secretaries

Whether they are called Association Secretaries, Executive Director or currently Association Manager, the association could not operate without them.

Their long hours of work and dedication is only measured at the time when the bowling season begins as we fill out our membership card in the league we are about to join or when we have that honor score and how soon we will receive that award.

They are the voice and the face of this association and we can not thank them enough for their time and effort they put in everyday.


There has been 8 people that have served as the Association Secretary, Executive Director or currently Association Manager.

1962 - 1965 --- Chet Knox
1965 - 1966 --- Burnlie Hills
1966 - 1967 --- Dudley Smith
1967 - 1979 --- Jack Reeves
1979 - 1983 --- Don Akers
1983 - 1996 --- R.E. (Dick ) Truman
1996 - 2000 --- Cleon (Cliff) Farides
2000 - Present --- Fran Hopewell