FSCBA Logo History

Since the start of the association back in the early 50's there was no logo to identify itself, It wasn't until the late 70's that the first association logo was produced. This was a time when things were changing in Brevard County and especially at Kennedy Space Center and NASA.

With the Apollo space program ending and a new space program in it's place, the Space Shuttle, things are looking bright for Kennedy Space Center and NASA. The same can be said for FSCBA as the Space Shuttle was incorporated into the logo. With slight changes since 2005, it is still used today with the USBC logo.

This is one of the earliest logos
used back in the  early 1980's

Another change to modernize the logo and bring notice of where we are on the Space Coast. This circle logo change was around the early 1990's and used till 2005.

Slight change to the logo toward the late 1980's

FSCBA Current Logo

Current Association logo since 2006.
With a shuttle below the logo
as an option.

Shut & Logo